Bombardier British Hopped Amber Beer 500ml

WellsSKU: 1093821

Date: Best Before : 30/11/2022


Bombardier Amber Beer is brewed using the finest British Hops and fresh mineral water from the Eagle Brewery Well.

Bombardier is a beer for those who embrace their independent spirit and march to their own drum.

Perfect with steak & chips, steak & kidney pudding, braised venison haunch in red wine, roast potatoes, celeriac puree, chocolate gateaux, chocolate & hazelnut torte and Cornish clotted cream.

Tasting Notes: A fruity aroma and rich malty taste provides a crisp, mouth-watering beer. Tangy fuggles hops and sultana fruit flavour finish off the palate.

ABV: 4.7%.

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