Merrydown Original Vintage Apple Cider 750ml

MerrydownSKU: 1036339

Size: Best Before 20/05/2022


Refreshing, and well balanced using crisp, hand-picked culinary apples, a deliciously appley medium cider that drinks smooth, fruity and delicious.

Natural golden straw colour, the high juice level drives quality and refinement.

A perfect blend of apples that are chosen for sweetness and flavour with the right amount of astringency.

This deliciously golden cider is a great accompaniment to any meal or if you're feeling adventurous why not try adding Merrydown to your Sunday roast gravy to add richness or to make a tasty pancake sauce for a great breakfast treat.

Tasting Notes: This medium to sweet cider is smooth and fruity, perfectly enjoyed chilled. Packed with quality apple juice, Merrydown use the perfect blend of apples chosen for sweetness and flavour that delivers the right amount of bite.

ABV: 7.5%.

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