Fuller's Extra Special ESB Champion Ale 500ml

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Date: Best Before : 01/12/2022


Product Description

  • Twice named World Champion Beer, Fuller’s ESB is one of the most decorated ales of its time.
  • A winner born and brewed, it’s a strong, full-bodied ale that has delighted drinkers for decades with its smooth, mellow bitterness and superbly satisfying finish.
  • By the time ESB launched in 1971, breweries had long been in the habit of producing an ‘ordinary’ bitter and a ‘special’.
  • Fuller’s special was the irreplaceable London Pride so they broke the mould and added a pioneering third style: an extra special bitter, brewed to a stronger 5.9% ABV.

Tasting Notes

  • Rich mahogany in colour, ESB tempts with aromas of orange marmalade, balanced by soft malt toffee.
  • The hops impart grassy, peppery notes alongside hints of citrus fruit – while the Pale Ale and Crystal malts bring distinctive biscuity flavours.
  • A smooth, delicate bitterness lingers on the palate to give a supreme finish.


  • 5.9%.

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