Blackthorn Cider Dry 4 x 500ml

BlackthornSKU: 1058669

Date: Best Before End 10/2022


Product Description

  • A cider that has been around a long time (since 2001), Blackthorn has a lot of characteristics of a typical Somerset cider.
  • A thicker cider, it has a hearty character to it.
  • Both relatively dry and crisp, it will scratch your itch for an English-style cider quite well.

Tasting Notes

  • Smell: Medium mature rustic apple.  Sweet and syrupy. Astringency and acidity.
  • Initial Taste: Mild bite with smooth and acidic single apple flavour. Thick and syrupy. Some presence of tannins from the cider apples. Tangy and malty.
  • After Taste: Mature and rustic apple flavours appear with some fermentation flavour showing up.  Not overly long-lasting and becomes a bit more sweet. A bit of a beer aftertaste.
  • On ice: Ice cuts flavour, thickness, tanginess and carbonation. Shortens the aftertaste a bit. Some additional malty notes appear.


  • 5.0%.

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